The Bibopsy

Have you ever seen My Big Fat Greek wedding? There is a part when her Aunt Tula meets Ian at a family get together and tells him about the “bi-bopsy” she had where they found a set of teeth. That shit is so funny!

I had a bibopsy yesterday. Remember that lump I mentioned finding? Well my Doctor wanted me to look into it further and I was sent to get an ultrasound on the breast where the lump is.

Remember being pregnant and going in for your ultrasound? Remember being nervous knowing that if the ultrasound tech said “excuse me” or “I’ll be right back” something was wrong?

Well, my ultrasound tech said “Excuse me, I’ll be right back.” So I knew right away she saw something.

The Doctor came in, introduced herself and said “yup, there’s definitely something there… I’m gonna have you come back so we can biopsy it.”

Two grueling weeks is how long I had to wait for my “authorization to go through,” I could have been fuckin’ dying while I wait. I think there’s needs to be some prioritizing going on whereas if someone is in need of something like a biopsy for something possibly cancer related, their authorization is expedited- just sayin’.

Anyway, yesterday was biopsy day and the Doc said I took it like a champ- no flinching or anything.

I got some great advice from the one and only Shannon Tweed- Gene Simmons sorta/kinda wife of 26 years. “Breathe deep” is what she told me. I have to say, though, seeing the episode of Gene Simmons Family Jewels where Shannon went in for her biopsy and allowed cameras really prepared me for what was going to happen. I knew there’d be two needles for anesthesia and I knew there’d be the big needle- which would make a loud popping noise. The only thing that my Doctor did differently is that she took three samples of my breast tissue instead of one. That was a powerful episode and very informative- allowing women (and men) who may need a breast biopsy to know what to expect.

I’m kind of having an allergic reaction to the local anesthetic they gave me. It’s annoying. Last night I was so itchy and didn’t really sleep well, then woke up this morning with swollen areas all about my body. Fun!

Doc wanted me to go into Urgent Care to receive some sort of injection- but with the 15 month old, that’s not someplace I want to be. Sitting in Urgent Care with people spreading their germs? Uhh no. So I took Benadryl instead… which worked, but is now wearing off and I am starting to itch again.

The Tech said the lab usually gets the information to you in a few days and I should hope to hear from my Doctor by Friday… well today’s Wednesday, so, we will see.

Keep those prayers comin’, I really appreciate it! :-)

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19 thoughts on “The Bibopsy

  1. Came across your site after looking for a reference to show my friend who didn’t know what a “bibopsy” was. Anyway, I haven’t checked updates of yours (hard to surf on my phone) but I sincerely hope things are well by now. And just to let you know, my experience was nearly the same: found a lump, had an ultrasound and knew something was wrong when the tech said “be right back.” Except I had to wait a MONTH before a specialist could even see me (yesterday) and she wants to aspirate. Egads, a freaking month just to get a consultation; something should really be done about this whole wait time!

  2. I already know the outcome of all this from a more recent post, so I will just say I’m glad all is okay! :) (And Shannon Tweed is probably one of my favorite celebs. I really wish I was related to her just so we could lunch/shop.)
    .-= Elle´s last blog ..Have You Heard? =-.

  3. I’ve been so absent from twitter and the blog world lately and just saw this in your stream…I’m so sorry I’ve missed being there for you! I’ve had both cervical and skin “bibopsies” (love BFGW!) and I know *exactly* how you are feeling. Thankfully mine came back negative and I’m positive yours will too. Hang in there girl.

    Praying for you.

  4. I had 2 lumpectomies or fine wire biopsies of my left breast last year at this time. First they go in with xray/mammogram guidance and push a thin wire into the middle of the area’s they found. Then I had to wait and go under general anaesthetic to have the 2 wire located tissue samples taken out. I still think I have a wire left in the breast on one of them, but I’ll have to wait for this year’s mammogram to show it up. Anyways I waited afterwards for the results and I think that is the hardest time (and being a registered medical laboratory technologist who knew how long the processing and such of the biopsies would take didn’t make it any easier). I have now a 1.5 inch scar and 2 small pinpoint scars from the procedure, and was lucky that everything came back okay for me. I hope that everything is fine with your biopsies as well !

  5. I will pray for you. Try and focus on a positive outcome,Tell yourself that “all is well” and that “I am cancer Free”. The power of the mind and sub concience is one of the most powerful tools we have.Love & light.

  6. Hi,I happen to follow shannontweed,and I came by your story and I would just like you to know that I am saying a prayer just for you and I hope all turns out well for you.I am now following you on twitter,so maybe I will get to see the wonderful news about your Biopsy.Think good thoughts,……..smartlady122

  7. I wish you luck. I was 37 when I had all of that done. I had stage 1 breast cancer, married & 5 kids. I was cancer free up till this December. I almost made 5 yrs :(
    But hey god doesn’t give you what you can’t handle. I wish you luck! You can check out my blog and you can see how I deal with it. We all have good days & bad days.

    Chin up! You can get through whatever it is going to be….have faith :)
    .-= Juli´s last blog ..6 chemo’s down and 6 to go! Yahooooo! =-.

  8. I will continue to pray. Remember, to have a lot of faith, and where one and more are gathered together in prayer, we will see results.

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