One Sick Boy for Christmas: A Poem by Lauri Halterman

For Keith Bryan when he was 8 years old

Santa Claus I am sick

and I just wanted to say,

that if I could have my pick

I’d feel better on Christmas day.

It’s hard to play with toys

when I’m feeling so bad.

I can’t even play with the boys

and that makes me very sad.

My body aches with fever

and I’m sick of throwing up.

I think I’ll be sick forever.

Yep, I’m one sick pup.

I’m too sick to pick on Mommy

like I usually tend to do.

I don’t feel like watching Toonami,

or my other cartoons too.

I can’t keep any food down;

7-Up is all I can drink.

Being sick sure makes me frown

and it makes it hard to think.

So again I say dear Santa Clause,

make me better for my present.

I only ask for this because,

I’d like Christmas to be pleasant.

About Lauri:

Lauri started Alaurilee Productions recently when she quit her corporate day job doing accounting in early 2010; to help her Father-in-law with her Mother-in-law who has Multiple Sclerosis; to help her husband who has Crohns Disease; and to pursue a new career doing what she  loves; writing, publishing poetry, publishing childrens books and creating personalized magic in the form of gift products to touch the hearts of her clients and their recipients.
About Tales From The Crib:
Thought up by Dawana, author of A Bittersweet Existence, as a way to share stories from a variety of Moms in one place regarding the trials and tribulations. A Stay-At-Home Mom herself who often thinks she is losing her mind, Dawana has found a great deal of comfort in the stories from other Moms and wanted to share them all in one place. If you’d like to submit a story, please feel free to email Dawana by clicking here.

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