Shift Your Habit: Cap Recycling

So one thing that I do is recycle my bottle caps. My bestie Marita told me about this program about two years ago. I turned it into a project for my second graders when I was teaching, but it is also something that I personally do at home.

God bless my poor Husband because I am always pulling things out of the trash- saying no honey! You can recycle that. I keep bottle caps if we’re on the road drinking water or soda- I’ll leave it in the car, on our kitchen counter… it can get pretty messy. I keep a box in our garage and when it gets full I mail it in to be recycled.

A few years back Aveda launched their Recap program- you can read more about it by clicking here.

Why recycle bottle caps?

Bottle caps are usually made from a different type of plastic than the bottles themselves that they are placed on. This means that they require a separate recycling process. Usually, caps/lids are considered as regular garbage and end up being sent to the landfill anyway- the “contaminate” the actual recycling process for plastics. At the landfill, as you know, they usually end up in the mouths of birds or if they somehow end up in the oceans they can be swallowed by sea life. (You’ve seen Happy Feet)

Aveda recycles the caps and uses them to make new packaging for their products like hair color or shampoo.

Here is the West Coast mailing address for Aveda’s Recap Program:

Distribution Center
Aveda Cap Program
Attention: Cesar Soto
475 West Apra Street
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220

Below is an East Coast recap program address:

ACA Waste Services
40 Eads Street
West Babylon, NY 11704

You can also contact Aveda by phone for more information: 1-877-Aveda09

Caps For Care:

Another program I recently found out about is Caps for Care. Caps for Care lets you recycle your caps for children with severe injuries and illness and animals that are homeless and abused. Based in Florida, money is donated to places like the Humane Society and The Space Coast War Dogs Association. They accept any screw on plastic caps and other types of #5 plastic.

Caps can be shipped to the following address:

Caps for Care
302 S 18th St
Palatka FL, 32177

ReCap Company:

Lastly, the ReCap Company accepts screw-on plastic caps and uses them to create what they call the ReCap Mat, which will be ready for purchase soon.

You can ship caps to the following address:

ReCap Co.
6465 Lewis Road
Loveland, Ohio 45140

Looking for other ideas for your bottle caps?

How about crafts to do at home with the kids? Click here for some ideas.

Recycling bottle caps is just a small thing that you can do to help save our planet. It’s a small shift that may be hard to remember to do, but has long-term benefits. Think about making this shift.

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5 thoughts on “Shift Your Habit: Cap Recycling

  1. Ok thank you for the info, always wanted it, and that place on the East Coast is right by me, so thats great. Thanks again.

  2. I am SO in the dark ages, I never knew you had to recycle them separately. I always put them back ON the bottle and put in to recycle…but my family is NOT too diligent about this. THANKS for the head’s up on this!

    1. Oh you’re welcome Eileen. I hope I’ve encouraged you to consider recycling them with your family. :-)

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