Throwback Thursday: Life’s A Party

I guess I should preface this post by introducing you to “Throwback Thursday,” huh?

Now I know I blog a lot about “sad” or taboo issues and that’s fine. And yes, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs (who hasn’t), but I’d be lying if I say my life up until (and including) now hasn’t had fantastical moments. I mean, seriously? I have lived my life and done things that most people my age have never done (like circumnavigate the globe, holla Semester At Sea Fall 2003!!)

I have an amazingly photographic memory. It’s like an event happens and it is forever recorded on the DVR that is my brain. I can go back to a place, time and space with a scent, taste, song, movie, tv show and replay that time in my mind and see every detail. And so “Throwback Thursday” is me, replaying some of those awesome moments in my mind and sharing them, with you.

**And yes, that is a Throwback New York Giants jersey. Deal with it**

According to Urban Dictionary (one of my favorite places), Throwback can mean any of the following:

  • A sudden reminder of the past. This can be brought about by hearing a song from high school, seeing an ex, puffing on a j in your old puffin spot, etc. Similar to a flashback.
  • 1. A Mitchell & Ness classic sports jersey, or any retro sports jersey
    2. Another word to describe old school music
  • A reject. When someone is an overall waste of time/space.


I’m on Spring Break this week and I have been BANKING on Craig’s List selling stuff that is taking up way too much space in my home. I found a CD binder (one of my many) with all of these old CD’s and The Pea and I had a dance party to some late 90’s, early 2000’s (is that how we reference that time?) music.

I’ve probably never mentioned this, but I grew up in a house of music, literally.

My Daddy was a DJ (yup, I still call him Daddy- and?), something that he lovingly passed on to my older brother and then to my younger brother. Music was always playing in my house, and rather loud I might add. (I think every one of my siblings and I are deaf- no joke- my husband repeats himself to me all. of. the. time…. orrrr maybe I just have selective hearing 😉 )

I spent a lot of my life at parties- whether my father was DJ’ing one, or my brother and his crew (The Red Twister Crew they were called) were DJ’ing one, I was there. Just because. Queens, Manhattan and Lord have mercy all over Brooklyn. And back in Daddy’s days, when he DJ’ed, they would make a cassette **gasp, yes, I said cassette** of the party. When my brother and his crew DJ’ed, they would make CDs at the party and tonight, I found like 4 CDs of parties they DJ’ed when I was in high school.

OMG Nostalgia

The guys that my brother rolled with were more than just his friends, they were like brothers to me. I had like 3 extra older brothers just because. It was always fun to tag along and go to the parties and sit behind the DJ area and just… be. I loved watching them do their thing, I loved watching them make people happy and dance. Loved it. We were a family. That’s what we did.

They played weddings. They played baby showers. They played block parties (oh how I miss block parties). They played proms.

Man they drove all the way up to Vermont to DJ my 21st birthday party because I asked and knew that there was no one else in the world that knew what I wanted to hear and could play they way they did.

Music and DJ’ing was a part of who I was am. Music has defined my life in so many ways because of my dad and my older brother. I appreciate those memories so much because it was so. much. fun. That’s the best way to describe it.

Listening to those CD’s takes me back to watching James make sure all of the wires were set up correct and Mike making sure that they were paid right and Zoo and Ali at the turntable and me, just sitting there. Everyone played their part- every time.

Dancing…or not.

Singing… or not.

I miss that.

I miss them.

That is definitely a part of me that will never leave. A part that I will never get tired of remembering, because it always makes me smile.

And no matter how long it’s been, when I see those guys, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday. There’s jokes, there’s dancing, there’s laughing (and now alcohol cause I’m a grown-up)… and of course, there’s music.

Always, always music.

For us, that will always be a factor. It always brings togetherness and it always brings me this overwhelming sense of…

Je ne sais quoi (have I mention that I speak French?). It’s like-

Ahhhh, yes. This is how it’s supposed to be.

It is so important to me to instill the love of music in The Pea. We sing, we dance (booooy do we dance), we play instruments.

Music is a part of who she is, because she is a part of me and I want her to love and appreciate it just the same as I do.

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