Placentas, Umbilical Cords, etc.

I feel like I have been surrounded by placenta talk as of late.

I follow folks on Twitter who have had their placentas made into capsules for ingestion. I read their tweets and look at their TwitPics of ground up placenta…

Then, Katie gave her take on it here.

Then, my co-worker told me about her sister-in-law who was trying to encourage her to encapsulate her placenta and ingest it because it will help with post-partum depression (among other things according to her sister-in-law). Her sister-in-law also took home her umbilical cord and had it coiled into the shape of a heart (my co-worker said it looks like dead, dry skin… shaped like a heart).

Now look people.

I consider myself to be open-minded, with my one of my favorite statements being “that’s your business.”

With that being said, for those of us who choose not to encapsulate, bake (like in a pasta dish), mix (as in a placenta smoothie) or plant (I’ve heard it’s an amazing fertilizer) our placentas- don’t turn your nose either, ay?

That’s not for me. Why? Because I said so, that’s why.

You have your reasons and I’d rather not eat bloody stuff that comes out of my body.

Should I start saving the clots that fall out of my vagina when I have my period? No?

Okay, a little extreme. I’m just sayin’ for me? They can toss my placenta and umbilical cord as medical waste thank you very much. I don’t want to be talked into eating my placenta… I don’t even eat pork! Or brussel sprouts, or any type of yogurt that isn’t Yoplait Strawberry Whips, or strawberry ice cream or squid or sushi… And these are things people eat every day.

I didn’t eat fried mystery animal on a stick when I went to China… even though I was told it was a delicacy.

That’s. Not. My. Thing.

Don’t knock me for it.

As for my umbilical cord. Thank God for being so smart as to create this magical highway that keeps my child alive in my womb for ten months. Now? I get to enjoy my kid… and maybe even bank that life saving blood in the umbilical cord, but… I’d rather not keep it thank you. After damn near ten months of gestation, the only prize I want is my baby.

Especially since my placenta has been actin’ up this pregnancy. Why would I want to eat it? I don’t want to reward it for all of the hardships I’ve been having thus far. (smh)

My co-workers sister said that humans are the only animals that don’t eat their placentas.

Her response?

Dogs lick their asses, should we all start doing that too?

I agree.

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4 thoughts on “Placentas, Umbilical Cords, etc.

  1. OMG! Never! I am good with Dunkin donuts and a diet coke–or Ale House, Wing House, blah, blah, blah OH! and Miller Lite– Why in god’s green earth would you do this>
    I love you to death and know you will do what is best for you–remember how you were raised–you turned out fine! So will the little bundle

  2. It’s like the pee drinking. Um, it comes OUT of you for a reason. The hell I wanna swish it back around in there for? I don’t want to LOOK at my placenta, let alone touch it, let alone infinity! eat it. And please tell your co-workers sister that we aren’t the “only” animals/mammals who don’t fall for this act that has no proven medical benefit. Camels and certain seals don’t eat their placentas either.
    Arnebya´s last blog post ..Wordful Wednesday: I Survived Space Camp (and maybe, possibly, had fun)

  3. Your post made me laugh so hard. Thanks for that…and yes, I agree with you. I think it is gross and makes me want to throw up thinking about it……Some people are a little “over the top”. xo

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