A Year in the Life of My Blog

So I had this 2012 in review post all written out in my head with witty one-liners and talk of all of the horrible phrases we’ve encountered this year including YOLO (Thank God it’s gone) and now ratchetness. But I can’t get the words to come out right, so instead I opened my Google Analytics to see what posts did really well this past year.

Interestingly enough, none of the popular posts this year were from this year.

My # 1 post, with over 16,000 page views is the letter I wrote to my best friend on her birthday back in 2011. I’m flattered, and she’s pretty flattered too, that somehow people search the interwebs on a letter to their best friend for their birthday and they end up on my site. Thanks, Google.

My # 2 post this year, which wasn’t nearly as popular as # 1- with 2,700 pageviews is the post on hemorrhoids and yeast infections, also from 2011. Okay interwebs… I don’t know what to say about that one.

My # 3 post this year, all the way from 2010 with over 1,200 views and still going strong is the post where I got to interview the great Shannon Tweed.

These three posts are so different that I can’t even say that readers are specific about the type of content they like to see from me.

Maybe in 2013 I’ll write something that will actually be popular in 2013.

But seriously, I’m glad that people even READ this blog. In 2013 my hope is to clean up the look because, really, I know it’s not visually pleasing and write some content that’s good. That’s all I can hope for.

I thought it’d be nice to end the year with some Cadence-isms from 2012. I found a bunch in the notes on my computer & cell phine that I haven’t shared yet:

Mom, I like to sing, but I like to do a lot of things I care about.

Upon finding my chapstick ruined after being washed in my pants, she said “uh-oh. Now you have to go to the chapstick store.”

After asking her why she kept taking off her socks she said “My feet itches when it scratches.”

Mom, do you know what goodbye means? Adios.

DaAAaAAad! Sharing is caring.

Cadence Questions

– Mom, what color is Hayden?

– Why do dogs look out of the window?

– Mom, what does nervous mean?

– What shape is my nose?

– Mom, is it still June?
(No, it’s July)
Well, what comes after July?
Well, what comes after August?
(Pea, what comes after August?)
September! Bwahahahahaha!

– Mom, what does thankful mean?

And my favorite, comes from tonight. As Chris was telling her that she had to have water to drink (not orange juice) because she’s had enough juice for one day she says:

“DaaAAad, I know! Don’t remind me that I’m a kid.”

We were both like o_O… WTF?! 

Alright y’all. Be safe tonight and I hope that everyone has a blessed, safe and productive 2013.

2012, peace out.

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    1. Let’s do it. Apparently the people of the Interwebs don’t know how to write letters and need our help!

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