All Was Quiet

Last night was a quiet night.

I ordered Chili’s to go.

We cracked an alcoholic beverage.

We put our teething infant to bed and sent our preschooler to her room to play.

We turned off the living room lights, watched Grey’s Anatomy and we waited for Scandal to come on.

The day didn’t start off that way…

I was so tired the night before, so I didn’t prepare for the day. Instead, I went to bed at 9 pm.

When my alarm went off at 5:45, I ignored it.

When my alarm went off at 6:10, I ignored it.

At 6:32 I rolled my grumpy ass out of bed, smiled with my little man and got in the shower.

When I finally got downstairs after 7 I realized holy shit. Nothing is ready for today.

And then the panic ensued:

I forgot 4 kids on Pea’s Valentine list, so I had to do that.

C.J. didn’t have any of his bottles prepared for daycare with the boob milk.

I didn’t have lunch packed.

I hadn’t had breakfast.

Pea still needed her hair combed.

C.J. needed to be dressed.


I got SO flustered.

The husband was showering. I wanted him to get his shower in. He works long days, comes home late and everyone should be allowed to shower in peace.

I was beyond flustered and running around like mad. In the midst of all of this, my husband, in his most firm but loving voice reminded me of the following:


Why didn’t I think of that?

Because. I try to do all of the things by myself.

I try to do all of the things by myself and not disturb anyone else in the process. So if the husband is showering or drying his hair, I want him to be able to do that.

Which may be silly- I haven’t decided yet. But he is willing and able to help and I need to remember that.

The day at work was insane because Valentine’s Day in an elementary school is a shit show and the preschooler had a meltdown because her bag filled with valentines started to rip.

But once all that shit was on the back burner and the lights went out- there was no romance and Valentine’s Day shit. There was just quiet. And to us, that is the romance… when all is quiet.


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