She Taught Her to Pray

I’m not sure when we stopped praying together over dinner, but we did.

And the other night, Chris looked at me and said “babe, we need to start praying again before we eat.”

“I know,” I said. And then I added “well, I do pray, but in my head.”

“Me too.” He said.

So weird. That even though we stopped praying together out loud, we were still doing the same thing.

And we then realized that we never really taught Pea how to pray. Not on purpose, but… yeah.

I love my God.

Wait. We (Chris and I) love our God.

I’ve talked about how we don’t go to church, but that love for Him. That gratitude for Him. It’s there.

Talking to Him. We do it.

Feeling His presence. We do.

So, over dinner. I taught Pea the prayer that my Grandma Hazel taught me a long time ago (my grandma will beat your grandma with the bible. She knows it inside and out). And as I started, my husband pumped my brakes.

“Babe, you gotta explain to her why we need to pray.”

It kinda boiled my blood just a bit that he did that, but he was right.

So the three of us talked about how God provides us with our blessings.

We talked about what a blessing was- having a job, money, food, clothes, a home, Pea, her brother.

We talked about how some people don’t have food or a home, etc.
(To which she responded: “AAAaaaAAwww. Why, Mommy?“)

We said we need to be thankful. And then, I taught her how to pray.

Clasp your hands, bow your head (or not), close your eyes, focus on Him…
It goes a little somethin’ like this:


God is good. 
God is great. 
Let us thank Him for our food. 
By His hands, we are fed. 
Give us Lord our daily bread. 

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