I Have So Many Words

Sometimes Almost every day I message Miranda on Facebook to chat about this and that.

The other day I said “I think I may stop blogging” to which she responded that I shouldn’t do that.

So I’m blogging today.

I have so many words in my head y’all. So many words.

I wanna blog about staying on schedule.

I wanna blog about my finances and how it got a punch in the throat recently.

I wanna blog about Pea and all of the funny things she’s said lately.

I wanna blog about the new tv shows I’m watching.

I wanna blog about post-partum depression and how that’s going this time around.

I wanna blog about blogging and how I’m trying to transfer blog posts, but it’s not been very successful as of late.

There are many things that I want to blog about.

There are many things stopping me from blogging about them, though.

I find myself in a rut. An indescribable rut.

I find myself grumbling about this, that or the other. Work, laundry, bills- whatever.

I have conceded, though, that I will not be a victim to these random negative feelings. I have chosen to find happy moments in each day (outside, of course, of when I’m with my husband and kids).

I have so many words.

So many things I’d like to blog about.

But… I can’t. Everything is stuck in my head.

My mind is on a hiatus.

So I will continue to fill the spaces of this blog with random filler posts until I can find the right words to write with.

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6 thoughts on “I Have So Many Words

  1. Please don’t stop writing… how will I ever know what all you need for your little squishy?? Also, its a good laugh that breaks up my day when we have crazy patients and I just want to slap them!! But on a more tender note, I don’t follow many blogs and yours has hit a soft spot in my heart. (Besides Bob Marly, ‘Is This Love’ just came on Pandora, no lie, you can’t stop!! Or i’ll march a few states up and sit you down on your couch, put your computer in your hand and play with your babies and give you a good 45- 1 hour time for you!! ) XX00

    1. Thanks Shannon. I adore you and I’m glad that you found this blog (though I’m not sure how)… but I’m still glad you did. You’ve been such a blessing to our little family’s life. :-)

  2. Could you maybe set up times and days where you have a certain topic? like first Tuesday is finance day (kinda like 10% tuesday at the grocery store) and every other Friday is Shit Pea says day and Sunday’s are a Bittersweet tv rememberance? That way you don’t have to feel overwhelemed that it’s tuesday and you don’t know what to write because you have SOOOO much you want to write…you can say oh it’s finance day….and then you can fill it in as you go along? Don’t penalize yourself for not writing on a day but itleast you’ll have an idea of what to write and when? Just a thought. I personally would be sad to see you go….I don’t know you or Miranda but you both make me feel like I have cool friends….(when in reality I don’t lol)

    1. Hey Amie, I guess I could kind of set up a blogging calendar so to speak, but I know myself- I would then need to REMEMBER to check said calendar. heh heh

  3. We all get in that stuck place. We all do. What I do is write in my journal. When I get a thought, I jot it down then I go back to it and elaborate when I feel like I can. Remember there is no pressure to write anything at all if you can’t. We all love you and will be here for the long haul xo
    Kimberly´s last blog post ..Baby Seals

    1. Oh Kim, I wish I could even have time to write in a journal. I used to journal all of the time.

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