Emailing Memories

I made an email address for Pea right before C.J. was born.

I thought it’d be a good way for me to communicate with her and give it to her when she’s older. I thought it would be a nice parting gift for college, but with the way technology is moving, she’ll probably need an email address in elementary school (the 5th graders in my school all have one because they use iPads). So, when I actually give her the password to the email address is still up in the air.

I usually send her pictures or videos. I may email her about a rough day she had or a great day she had. Whatever. I just want to drop little tidbits of her as a child for her to see when she’s older. I know it will give her some laughs. And because I’m not always good at orally communicating things, I thought it’d be a great way for me to pour my heart out to my little girl.

I emailed her again this morning, this is what it said:

Dear Cadence,

You drive me crazy- you know that?

I mean absolutely bonkers.

You are so independent. You want to do everything yourself and for the love of God you don’t listen very well! To me or your father.

But, you can be such an amazing little helper.

This morning, while I was washing the dishes you sat on the floor with your brother and played so nicely with him. Sometimes, you can be rough with him. I’m not sure that you understand that he is just a little 6 month old baby and can be hurt very easily.

But not today. Today, you sat with him and played with him and talked to him.

You are so great with him like that.

You read books to him. You “show him” how to use all of his toys. You try to teach him how to crawl and how to roll over… you even put on your “mommy voice,” which is extremely high-pitched. (I didn’t know that I sounded like that when I talk to him) But it’s cute. You’re mothering him.

And you are an amazing big sister. I can’t wait to see how your bond with him only gets stronger as you both get older.

You drive me crazy, you know. And I love you for it.

– Mommy


What memories are you leaving for your kids?

Do you write letters/blog/email?

I’d love to hear about it.

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One thought on “Emailing Memories

  1. Well unfortunately, I had no such tool when growing my kids. So I would hope I have left them with just plain ole memories of trips, outings etc.

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