Baby It’s Cold Outside

I knew that I needed to run.

I’d skipped two days- one at the conference and the day after. I had plans to run that day at the track at the high school, but it was a snow day- so I wasn’t headed to work. My only other option? Was the great outdoors.

But y’all- it was cold outside… and there was snow on the ground.

Baby It's Cold Outside

But- I pressed on. Because I didn’t want to be a quitter, which I have a tendency to do.

I put on my tights, long-sleeved running shirt (with the thumb holes, because- YES thumb holes), grabbed my husband’s scarf, my gloves, put my hood on and head out.

It. Was. Brutal. That first run in the cold.

The wind was slapping me in the face in a manner that I couldn’t quite comprehend. It felt like I couldn’t breathe and my legs felt heavy- like lead. I swore they would give out on me.

I tried changing my direction thinking that would help with the wind, but it was so windy that it didn’t really matter. Running against the wind meant that it was slapping me in the face, pushing against me, and essentially (in my mind) slowing me down. On the other hand, with the wind at my back, pushing me forward and making me feel a bit unstable.

How do people do this? 

What if this were a race? 

How do they finish?

Well, if this was a race, I’d need to finish- right? 

Keep going.

So I did.

The second I came back in the house, my body started to do something strange- tingly, kind of numb, all at once.

It’s weird how after a while, you don’t even feel the cold anymore when you’re running, but once you get inside to the heat- you feel the effects immediately.

Running in the cold lesson number 1- Keep going. You’re already out there, so finish.

I promised myself that I would never do that again.

Til this past week.

Running in the Cold

I had done it before, so I knew that I could do it again.

The problem? Was that it was a bit warmer and I thought I could do it without my gloves. Two laps around and my hands felt like they were about to fall off.

Running in the cold lesson number 2- wear gloves. Don’t be silly.

I stopped at the house, got my gloves and head back out.

There’s something about being outside, though, cold weather aside that actually. feels. good.

I must be a runner.

How about you? What’s it like running in the cold (or any other inclement weather)?

Any tips for a newbie?

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